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Benefits of Our XML Publishing Infrastructure

Our XML publishing infrastructure gives users the ability to:

  • configure book display and branding by collection
  • show or hide the table of contents in a frame next to any book section
  • choose from several "large print" versions
  • search an individual book or across a collection or set of collections; further ability to follow the search down into a specific book, with term highlighting
  • control access based on IP address ranges

This infrastructure can be used to build federated collections of high-quality online books, which would:

  • offer a "critical mass" of scholarly content that is more likely to generate exposure
  • introduce possibilities for increased and more effective user services:
    • unified searching as well as searching by publisher
    • unified browsing as well as browsing by publisher
    • any solution created for one press can be applied to the books of other presses (e.g., alternative formats such as Adobe Acrobat or e-book reader formats)
  • make more effective use of infrastructure — we have developed a robust set of tools and services for serving books in XML and now can leverage our investment
  • create an environment conducive to building industrial strength preservation services

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