Regulatory Encounters


 expand section1. How Much Do National Styles  of Law Matter?

 collapse sectionI. Environmental Regulation
 expand section2. Poles Apart
 expand section3. Industrial Effluent Control in the United States and Japan
 expand section4. Investigation and Remediation of Contaminated Manufacturing Sites in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands
 expand section5. Siting Solid Waste Landfills
 expand section6. The Air Pollution Permit Process for U.S. and German Automobile Assembly Plants

 collapse sectionII. Legal Rights and Litigation
 expand section7. Employee Termination Practices in the United States and Canada
 expand section8. Credit Card Debt Collection and the Law
 expand section9. Obtaining and Protecting Patents in the United States, Europe, and Japan

 collapse sectionIII. Regulating Product Safety
 expand section10. Licensing Biologics in Europe and the United States
 expand section11. New Chemical Notification Laws in Japan, the United States, and the European Union
 expand section12. The Consequences of Adversarial Legalism


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