Perspectives on the Yi of Southwest China

 expand sectionIntroduction

 collapse section1. The Yi in History
 expand section1. Reconstructing Yi History from Yi Records
 expand section2. Nzymo as Seen in Some Yi Classical Books

 collapse section2. Nuosu Society in Liangshan
 expand section3. A Comparative Approach to Lineages among the Xiao Liangshan Nuosu and Han
 expand section4. Preferential Bilateral-Cross-Cousin Marriage among the Nuosu in Liangshan
 expand section5. Names and Genealogies among the Nuosu of Liangshan
 expand section6. Homicide and Homicide Cases in Old Liangshan
 expand section7. Searching for the Heroic Age of the Yi People of Liangshan
 expand section8. On the Nature and Transmission of Bimo Knowledge in Liangshan

 collapse section3. Yi Society in Yunnan
 expand section9. The Cold Funeral of the Nisu Yi
 expand section10. A Valley-House: Remembering a Yi Headmanship
 expand section11. Native Place and Ethnic Relations in Lunan Yi Autonomous County, Yunnan

 collapse section4. The Yi Today
 expand section12. Language Policy for the Yi
 expand section13. Nationalities Conflict and Ethnicity in the People's Republic of China, with Special Reference to the Yi in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture
 expand section14. Education and Ethnicity among the Liangshan Yi
 expand section15. Nuosu Women's Economic Role in Ninglang, Yunnan, under the Reforms
 expand section16. The Yi Health Care System in Liangshan and Chuxiong


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