High Anxieties


 collapse section1. Constructions of Addiction
 expand section1. 1  Addiction and the Ends of Desire
 expand section2. 2  A Terminal Cas

 collapse section2. Figures of the Orient
 3. 3  Narrating National Addictions  De Quincey, Opium, and Tea
 4. 4  Victorian High  Detection, Drugs, and Empire

 collapse section3. Demon Drink
 5. 5  The Rhetoric of Addiction  From Victorian Novels to AA
 6. 6  Firewater Legacy  Alcohol and Native American Identity  in the Fiction of James Fenimore Cooper

 collapse section4. Pleasures, Repressions, Resistances
 expand section7. 7  Smoking, Addiction,  and the Making of Time
 expand section8. 8  An Intoxicated Screen  Reflections on Film and Drugs

 collapse section5. Trauma, Media, Cyberspace
 expand section9. 9  Welcome to the Pharmacy  Addiction, Transcendence, and Virtual Reality
 10. 10  If "Reality Is the Best Metaphor,"  It Must Be Virtual

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