Gender in Amazonia and Melanesia


 expand section1. Comparing Gender in  Amazonia and Melanesia
 expand section2. Two Forms of Masculine Ritualized Rebirth
 expand section3. The Variety of Fertility Cultism  in Amazonia
 expand section4. Reproducing Inequality
 expand section5. The Genres of Gender
 expand section6. Age-Based Genders among the Kayapo
 expand section7. Women's Blood, Warriors' Blood,  and the Conquest of Vitality in Amazonia
 expand section8. Damming the Rivers of Milk?  Fertility, Sexuality, and Modernity  in Melanesia and Amazonia
 expand section9. Worlds Overturned
 expand section10. Same-Sex and Cross-Sex Relations
 expand section11. The Gender of Some Amazonian Gifts
 expand section12. "Strength" and Sexuality
 expand section13. The Anguish of Gender
  14. Reflections on the Land of Melazonia


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