Becoming Chinese

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 collapse section1. The City and the Modern
 expand section1. The Cultural Construction  of Modernity in Urban Shanghai
 expand section2. Marketing Medicine and Advertising  Dreams in China, 1900–1950
 expand section3. "A High Place Is No Better  Than a Low Place"
 expand section4. Engineering China
 expand section5. Hierarchical Modernization
 expand section6. The Grounding of Cosmopolitans

 collapse section2. The Nation and the Self
 expand section7. Zhang Taiyan's Concept of the Individual and Modern Chinese Identity
 expand section8. Crime or Punishment?  On the Forensic Discourse  of Modern Chinese Literature
 expand section9. Hanjian (Traitor)!  Collaboration and Retribution  in Wartime Shanghai
 expand section10. Of Authenticity and Woman
 expand section11. Victory as Defeat


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