Oil Age Eskimos


 expand section1  The Problem
 expand section2  The Study Villages
 expand section3  Historical Background
 collapse section4  The Availability and Harvesting of Naturally Occurring Resources: Subsistence Economy, Part 1
 collapse sectionThe Modern Subsistence Economy
 Subsistence, the Political Economy, and Cash
 Introduction to Culture and Nature at Gambell, Unalakleet, and Wainwright
 expand sectionSeasonal Harvests
 Preferential Harvests As A Consequence of Income
 expand section5  The Organization Of Extraction: Subsistence Economy, Part 2
 expand section6  An Explanation of Dependency and Subsistence: Village Economics, Part 1
 expand section7  The Contemporary Mode of Production: Village Economics, Part 2
 expand section8  Kinship and Social Organization, Part 1
 expand section9  Kinship and Social Organization, Part 2
 expand section10  Ideology
 expand sectionEpilogue

 expand sectionAppendix A  Methodology
 expand sectionAppendix B  Obstacles in the Path of the Inquiry
 expand sectionAppendix C  The Natural Environments
 expand sectionIndex

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