Revenge of the Aesthetic

 expand sectionIntroduction

 expand section1. Marvell and the Art of Disappearance
 expand section2. Ekphrasis Revisited,  or Antitheticality Reconstructed
 expand section3. Friedrich Schlegel and the  Anti-Ekphrastic Tradition
 expand section4. On Truth and Lie in an Aesthetic Sense
 expand section5. Pictures of Poetry in Marot's Épigrammes
 expand section6. Murray Krieger versus Paul de Man
 expand section7. Organicism in Literature and History
 expand section8. Of Wisdom and Competence
 expand section9. What Is Literary Anthropology?  The Difference between Explanatory  and Exploratory Fictions
 expand section10. "A Self-Unsealing Poetic Text"
 expand section11. My Travels with the Aesthetic


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