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  Introduction:  The Hollywood Quarterly, 1945–1957
  Editorial Statement

4collapse section1. The Avant-Garde
3Experimental Cinema in America Part One: 1921–1941
1Experimental Cinema in America Part Two: The Postwar Revival
 The Avant-Garde Film  Seen from Within
 Cinema 16: A Showcase for  the Non fiction Film
 collapse section2. Animation
 Animation Learns a New Language
 Music and the Animated Cartoon
 Notes on Animated Sound
 Mr. Magoo as Public Dream
 collapse section3. Documentary
 Postwar Patterns
 The Documentary and Hollywood
 Time Flickers Out: Notes on the  Passing of the March of Time
 collapse section4. Radio
 collapse sectionThe Case of David Smith
 collapse sectionIntroductory Note
 collapse sectionThe Script
 Director's Notes
 collapse sectionRadio's Attraction for Housewives
 Part I. Radio Attractiveness
 Part II. Psychological Reasons for Attractiveness
 A New Kind of Diplomacy
 collapse section5. Practice
 A Costume Problem
 Performance under Pressure
 Designing The Heiress
 The Limitations of Television
 collapse section6. Television
 Hollywood in the Television Age
 You and Television
 Children's Television Habits  and Preferences
 collapse sectionHow to Look at Television
 Older and Recent Popular Culture
 Multilayered Structure
 collapse section7. The Hollywood Picture
 Why Wait for Posterity?
 Hollywood—Illusion and Reality
 Negro Stereotypes on the Screen
 Today's Hero: A Review
 An Exhibitor Begs for "B's"
 A Word of Caution for the Intelligent Consumer of Motion Pictures
 There's Really No Business  Like Show Business
 There's Still No Business Like It
 Hollywood's Foreign Correspondents
 collapse section8. Scenes from Abroad
 Advanced Training for Film Workers:  Russia
 Advanced Training for Film Workers:  France
 The Global Film
 The Postwar French Cinema
 When in Rome …
 collapse section9. Notes and Communications
 Je Confirme
 The Cinémathèque Française
 collapse sectionJean Vigo
 collapse sectionIntroductory Note
 Jean Vigo
 collapse sectionTwo Views of a Director—  Billy Wilder
 I. A Matter of Decadence
 II. A Matter of Humor
 Dialogue Between the  Moviegoing Public and  a Witness for Jean Cocteau

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5 occurrences of Robert Florey
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