The Oceans Their Physics, Chemistry, and General Biology


  I. Introduction
 expand sectionII. The Earth and the Ocean Basins
 expand sectionIII. Physical Properties of Sea Water
 expand sectionIV. General Distribution of Temperature, Salinity, and Density
 expand sectionV. Theory of Distribution of Variables in the Sea
 collapse sectionVI. Chemistry of Sea Water
 Constancy of Composition
 Units Used in Chemical Oceanography
 Composition of Sea Water
 Elements Present in Sea Water
 Preparation of Artificial Sea Water
 Dissolved Gases in Sea Water
 The Carbon Dioxide System
 Solubility of Salts in Sea Water
 The Oxidation-Reduction Potential of Sea Water
 Inorganic Agencies Affecting the Composition of Sea Water
 Geochemistry of the Ocean Waters
 expand sectionVII. Organisms and the Composition of Sea Water
 expand sectionVIII. The Sea as a Biological Environment
 expand sectionIX. Populations of the Sea
 expand sectionX. Observations and Collections at Sea
  XI. General Character of Ocean Currents
 expand sectionXII. Statics and Kinematics
 expand sectionXIII. Dynamics of Ocean Currents
 expand sectionXIV. Waves and Tides
 expand sectionXV. The Water Masses and Currents of the Oceans
 expand sectionXVI. Phytoplankton in Relation to Physical-Chemical Properties of the Environment
 expand sectionXVII. Animals in Relation to Physical-Chemical Properties of the Environment
 expand sectionXVIII. Interrelations of Marine Organisms
 expand sectionXIX. Organic Production in the Sea
 expand sectionXX. Marine Sedimentation

 expand sectionTables for Computing Geopotential Distances between Isobaric Surfaces
 expand sectionSubject Index
 expand sectionIndex of Names

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