Scripps Institution of Oceanography:  Probing the Oceans  1936 to 1976

 collapse sectionI. The Early Years
 expand sectionI. Harald Sverdrup Sets the Sails
 expand sectionII. Crossing the Threshold

 collapse sectionII. The Research Units
 expand sectionIII. History's  Greatest Fishing Expedition:  The Marine Life Research Program
 expand sectionIV. Making and Chasing Echoes:  The Marine Physical Laboratory
 V. Seeing the Light:  The Visibility Laboratory
 expand sectionVI. A Potpourri:  The Institute of Marine Resources
 expand sectionVII. Watching Waves in Land and Sea:  The Institute of Geophysics  and Planetary Physics
 expand sectionVIII. A Different Point of View:  The Physiological Research Laboratory
 expand sectionIX. “Let's Visit Scripps”:  The Thomas Wayland Vaughan  Aquarium-Museum

 collapse sectionIII. The Disciplines
 expand sectionX. Life in the Sea:  Studies in Marine Biology
 expand sectionXI. The Ocean in Motion:  Studies in Physical Oceanography
 expand sectionXII. Sand, Silt, and Sea-floor Spreading:  Studies in Marine Geology
 expand sectionXIII. Within the Waters and Muds:  Studies in Marine Chemistry

 collapse sectionIV. Out to Sea and Back Again
 expand sectionXIV. Marine Facilities and the Fleet
 expand sectionXV. Oceanography is Fun:  A Glimpse of the Expeditions
 expand sectionXVI. Back on the Beach

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 expand sectionAPPENDIX 4

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