From My Grandmother's Bedside

  Clutter Love

  Jeweled Dream
  California Wine
  Escalator Confusion
  Neighborhood I
  Flower Talk
  The News
  Neighborhood II
  The House Next Door
  The Postwar Garden
  The History Contained in Animals
  Fuel Drama
  Death and Embarrassment
  Death and Shame
  Kinds of Ending
  Reason and Dementia
  Funeral Gear I: Ford Motor Co.
  Funeral Gear II: Girls
  Funeral Gear III: Portolets and Poetry
  Temples and Social Realism
  Poised before History
  Losing Time
  Bonds Strange and Familiar
  Grandmas I
  New Good-Night
  Night Journey
  The Imagination of Teachers
  Earthquakes and Emancipation
  Bus Tour
  Morning Sleep
  Afternoon Awakening
  Doctor's Visit
  Going to the Library
  Dead Baby
  Voice and Limb
  Peace and Banality
  City of Ravens
  Unfinished Assignment:  on Historical Responsibility
  "Peace and Prosperity"
  Guilty Touch
  Pronouns and the Person
  Ethnic Clothing
  Free Trade I
  Free Trade II: Send the Enola Gay Once More
  Fearful Sorrow
  Sounds and Gestures
  War and Memory
  Climate Control
  Grandmas II
  Useful Mobility
  Postwar History I
  Forbidden Words
  Grown-Up Homecoming
  And Bombs
  One A.M.
  Postwar History II
  Haircut in Bed
  Afternoon before Fall
  Kinds of Talk I
  Kinds of Talk II
  Kinds of Talk III
  Friend Unknown
  The Sayable
  Science in Society
  Fragrance Preserved
  It Isn't About Money
  But It is
  Divine Wind: the Special Attack Corps
  Mourning, for the Future?
 expand sectionAugust 15, 1995 (I)
  August 15, 1995 (II)
  The Lightness and Heaviness of Words
  Language Lesson
  Birthday Party
  The expressivity of Extremities
  Night Sounds
  Trading Confessions
  Apology and Forgiveness
  Anniversaries for Unremembering
  I Missed You from the Beginning
  Summer Manliness
  Summer Wind
  Metropolitan Dog Life
  Bread and Class
  Epilogue Toward an Unknown Ending
  One Year Later


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