Working People of California



 collapse section1  WORKERS IN CALIFORNIA BEFORE 1900
 expand section1  Brutal Appetites  The Social Relations of the California Mission
 expand section2  Chinese Livelihood in Rural California  The Impact of Economic Change, 1860-1880

 collapse section2  WORKERS AND GROUP IDENTITY
 expand section3  Dishing It Out  Waitresses and the Making of Their Unions in San Francisco, 1900-1941
 expand section4  Okies and the Politics of Plain-Folk Americanism
 expand section5  James v. Marinship  Trouble on the New Black Frontier

 collapse section3  WORKERS ON STRIKE
 expand section6  Racial Domination and Class Conflict in Capitalist Agriculture  The Oxnard Sugar Beet Workers' Strike of 1903
 expand section7  Raiz Fuerte  Oral History and Mexicana Farmworkers
 expand section8  The Big Strike
 expand section9  A Promise Fulfilled  Mexican Cannery Workers in Southern California

 collapse section4  WORKERS AND POLITICS
 expand section10  To Save the Republic  The California Workingmen's Party in Humboldt County
 expand section11  Reform, Utopia, and Racism  The Politics of California Craftsmen
 expand section12  Mobilizing the Homefront  Labor and Politics in Oakland, 1941-1951

 expand section13  Cesar Chavez and the Unionization of California Farmworkers
 expand section14  Why Aren't High-Tech Workers Organized?  Lessons in Gender, Race, and Nationality from Silicon Valley
 collapse section15  Fontana  Junkyard of Dreams
 collapse sectionEditor's Introduction
 Fontana Farms
 Miracle Man
 The De Luxe War Baby
 Holocaust in Fontana
 Milltown Days
 Drivin' Big Bess Down
 The Unscrupulous Suitors
 The Mirage of Redevelopment
 So What's Left?
 Further Reading

 expand sectionNotes

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