King Charles I


 collapse sectionPART I—  THE PRINCE
 1—  Duke of Albany
 2—  Duke of York
 3—  Heir Apparent
 4—  The Heritage
 5—  Prince of Wales
 6—  The Palatinate
 7—  The Spanish Match
 8—  The Prince's Parliament
 9—  A Daughter of France

 collapse sectionPART II—  THE KING
 10—  Charles's First Parliament
 11—  'Reason of the Spaniards'
 12—  Charles Saves the Duke
 13—  Charles Saves His Marriage
 14—  La Rochelle
 15—  The Assassination of the Duke
 16—  The Last Parliament
 17—  Peace

 collapse sectionPART III—  PERSONAL RULE
 18—  The King in Council
 19—  Modern Prince and Feudal Lord
 20—  The King's Great Business
 21—  The King and His Court
 22—  The Yearly Round
 23—  The King and His Church

 collapse sectionPART IV—  CONFLICT
 24—  The King and the Scots
 25—  The King and the Opposition
 26—  The King and Parliament
 27—  The King and Strafford
 28—  The Last of London

 collapse sectionPART V—  CIVIL WAR
 29—  The King's Standard Unfurled
 30—  Commander-in-Chief
 31—  The Second Campaign
 32—  'My Marching Army'
 33—  'Never Man So Alone'
 34—  Dum Spiro Spero
 35—  'To Vindicate His Helpless Right'

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