State Capitalism and Working-Class Radicalism in the French Aircraft Industry



 collapse sectionPART ONE—  PRIVATE ENTERPRISE IN DECLINE, 1928–1936
 expand sectionOne—  The Failure of Industrial Reform
 expand sectionTwo—  The Revival of Working-Class Militancy

 collapse sectionPART TWO—  AN INDUSTRY EMBATTLED, 1936–1938
 expand sectionThree—  June '36
 expand sectionFour—  Nationalization

 collapse sectionPART THREE—  REARMAMENT, REPRESSION, AND WAR, 1938–1940
 expand sectionFive—  Rearmament
 expand sectionSix—  Breaking the CGT
 expand sectionSeven—  The Fall of France

 collapse sectionPART FOUR—  FROM VICHY TO THE COLD WAR, 1940–1950
 expand sectionEight—  Building Airplanes for the Luftwaffe
 expand sectionNine—  Liberation and Reform, 1944–1946
 expand sectionTen—  Toward a Postwar Industrial Order, 1947–1950

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