Students, Professors, and the State in Tsarist Russia


 expand sectionChapter I  Higher Education in Russia
  Chapter 2  Students in Search of Identity
 collapse sectionChapter 3  The Student Movement Erupts, 1899–1901
 The 1899 Strike
 Political Fall-Out
 The Strike Resumes
 From Strike to Street: The 1901 Demonstrations
 expand sectionChapter 4  Rethinking the Student Movement
 expand sectionChapter 5  The Professoriate at the Crossroads
 expand sectionChapter 6  1905
 expand sectionChapter 7  New Possibilities, 1906–1910
 expand sectionChapter 8  Confrontation

  Appendix A: Russian University Students.
  Appendix B: Russian University Professoriate
 expand sectionBibliography
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