Analogies between Analogies


 expand section1—  Theory of Multiplicative Processes:  With David Hawkins (LA-171, November 14, 1944)
 expand section2—  Statistical Methods in Neutron Diffusion:  With J. von Neumann and R. D. Richtmyer (LAMS-551, April 9, 1947)
 collapse section3—  Multiplicative Systems in Several Variables I, II, III:  With C.J. Everett (LA-683, June 7, 1948) (LA-690, June 11, 1948) (LA-707, October 28, 1948)
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 expand section4—  Heuristic Studies in Problems of Mathematical Physics On High Speed Computing Machines:  With John Pasta (LA-1557, 1953)
 expand section5—  Studies of Non Linear Problems:  With E. Fermi and J. Pasta (LA-1940, May 1955)
 expand section6—  On the Ergodic Behavior of Dynamical Systems:  (LA-2055, May 10, 1955)
 expand section7—  On a Method of Propulsion of Projectiles by Means of External Nuclear Explosions:  With C. J. Everett (LAMS-1955, August 1955)
 expand section8—  Some Schemes for Nuclear Propulsion, Part I:  With C. Longmire (LAMS-2186, March 1958)
 expand section9—  On the Possibility of Extracting Energy from Gravitational Systems by Navigating Space Vehicles:  (LAMS-2219, April 1, 1958)
 expand section10—  Quadratic Transformations Part I:  With P. R. Stein and M. T. Menzel (LA-2305, March 1959)
 expand section11—  Non-Linear Transformation Studies On Electronic Computers:  With P. R. Stein (LADC-5688, 1963)
 expand section12—  On Recursively Defined Geometrical Objects and Patterns of Growth:  With R. G. Schrandt (LA-3762, August 15, 1967)
 expand section13—  Computer Studies of Some History-Dependent Random Processes:  With W. A. Beyer and R. G. Schrandt (LA-4246, October 28,1969)
 expand section14—  The Entropy of Interacting Populations:  With C. J. Everett (LA-4256, August 1969)
 expand section15—  Some Elementary Attempts at Numerical Modeling of Problems Concerning Rates of Evolutionary Processes:  With R. Schrandt (LA-4573-MS, December 1970)
 expand section16—  The Notion of Complexity:  With W. A. Beyer and M. L. Stein (LA-4822, December 1971)
 expand section17—  Metrics in Biology, an Introduction:  With W. A. Beyer, M. L. Stein, and Temple-Smith* (LA-4973, August 1972)
 expand section18—  On the Theory of Relational Structures and Schemata for Parallel Computation:  With A. R. Bednarek (LA-6734-MS, May 1977)
 expand section19—  The Scottish Book a LASL Monograph:  (LA-6832, 1977)
 expand section20—  On the Notion of Analogy and Complexity in Some Constructive Mathematical Schemata:  (LA-9065-MS, October 1981)
 expand section21—  Speculations about the Mechanism of Recognition and Discrimination:  (LA-UR-82-62, 1982)

 expand sectionAppendix A—  Publications of Stanislaw M. Ulam
  Appendix B—  Vita of Stanislaw M. Ulam
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