The Military and the State in Latin America


 expand sectionINTRODUCTION

 collapse sectionPART I
 expand section1—  In Search of the Americas:  Societies and Powers
 expand section2—  The Establishment of the Military and the Birth of the State
 expand section3—  Modernization by the Army
 expand section4—  The Rise of the Power of the Military
 expand section5—  The Sixth Side of the Pentagon?

 collapse sectionPART II
 expand section6—  Praetorian Guards and the Patrimonial State
 expand section7—  Model Democracies and Civilian Supremacy
 expand section8—  From the Law-Abiding Military to the Terrorist State
 expand section9—  The Exception to the Rule:  Praetorian Republics and Military Parties
 expand section10—  Revolution by the General Staff
 expand section11—  The Military State and Its Future:  Adventures and Misadventures of Demilitarization
 expand sectionEpilogue (1986):  The Twilight of the Legions: Demilitarization Revisited

 expand sectionNotes
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