Introduction:  The Contemporary Historiography of AIDS

 collapse sectionPart I  THE VIRUS AND ITS PUBLICS
 Aids and Beyond:  Defining the Rules for Viral Traffic
 expand sectionCauses, Cases, And Cohorts:  The Role Of Epidemiology In The Historical Construction Of AIDS
 expand sectionThe Mass-Mediated Epidemic:  The Politics of AIDS on the Nightly Network News

 collapse sectionPart II  LAW, ETHICS, AND PUBLIC POLICY
 expand sectionThe Politics of HIV Infection:  1989-1990 as Years of Change
 expand sectionThe AIDS Litigation Project:  A National Review of Court and Human Rights Commission Decisions on Discrimination
 expand sectionThe History of Transfusion AIDS:  Practice and Policy Alternatives
 Scientific Rigor and Medical Realities:  Placebo Trials in Cancer and AIDS Research
 Entering the Second Decade:  The Politics of Prevention, the Politics of Neglect

 collapse sectionPart III  AFFECTED POPULATIONS
 Until That Last Breath:  Women with AIDS
 expand sectionRiding the Tiger:  AIDS and the Gay Community
 expand sectionThe First City:  HIV among Intravenous Drug Users in New York City

 expand sectionAIDS Policies in the United Kingdom:  A Preliminary Analysis
 expand sectionForeign Blood and Domestic Politics:  The Issue of AIDS in Japan
 collapse sectionMedical Research on AIDS in Africa:  A Historical Perspective
 Tuberculosis And The "Dressed Native"
 Syphilis And African Sexuality
 Aids And The "Sexual Life Of The Natives"
 The Role Of Anthropologists
 The Political Economy Of African Promiscuity
 expand sectionThe Impact Of Medical Paradigms On Aids Research In Africa
 expand sectionAIDS and HIV Infection in the Third World:  A First World Chronicle

  Notes on Contributors
 expand sectionIndex
 expand sectionPhoto Section

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