Introduction:  The Contemporary Historiography of AIDS

 collapse sectionPart I  THE VIRUS AND ITS PUBLICS
 Aids and Beyond:  Defining the Rules for Viral Traffic
 expand sectionCauses, Cases, And Cohorts:  The Role Of Epidemiology In The Historical Construction Of AIDS
 expand sectionThe Mass-Mediated Epidemic:  The Politics of AIDS on the Nightly Network News

 collapse sectionPart II  LAW, ETHICS, AND PUBLIC POLICY
 expand sectionThe Politics of HIV Infection:  1989-1990 as Years of Change
 expand sectionThe AIDS Litigation Project:  A National Review of Court and Human Rights Commission Decisions on Discrimination
 expand sectionThe History of Transfusion AIDS:  Practice and Policy Alternatives
 Scientific Rigor and Medical Realities:  Placebo Trials in Cancer and AIDS Research
 Entering the Second Decade:  The Politics of Prevention, the Politics of Neglect

 collapse sectionPart III  AFFECTED POPULATIONS
 Until That Last Breath:  Women with AIDS
 expand sectionRiding the Tiger:  AIDS and the Gay Community
 expand sectionThe First City:  HIV among Intravenous Drug Users in New York City

 expand sectionAIDS Policies in the United Kingdom:  A Preliminary Analysis
 collapse sectionForeign Blood and Domestic Politics:  The Issue of AIDS in Japan
 AIDS In Japan
 The Mass Media Agenda
 Public Opinion And Public-Interest Groups
 National Aids Policy
 The Nonissue Of Aids In Japan
 A Comparative Conclusion About Society And An Epidemic
 expand sectionMedical Research on AIDS in Africa:  A Historical Perspective
 expand sectionAIDS and HIV Infection in the Third World:  A First World Chronicle

  Notes on Contributors
 expand sectionIndex
 expand sectionPhoto Section

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