Stravinsky and the Rite of Spring


  1—  Point of Order
 collapse section2—  Sketches, Editions, and Revisions
 The Sketchbook
 The Revisions
 collapse section3—  Stravinsky Re-Barred
 Music Criticism
 Les Noces (1914–23)
 Histoire du soldat (1918)
 "Evocation of the Ancestors"
 "Sacrificial Dance"
 A Conclusion
 collapse section4—  Rhythmic Structure
 "Ritual of the Rival Tribes"
 "Procession of the Sage"
 "Ritual of Abduction"
  5—  Pitch Structure:  A Russian Heritage
 collapse section6—  Part I:  Pitch Structure
 Sketches for the "Augurs of Spring"
 The Octatonic Pitch Collection
 Preliminary Survey
 The Diatonic Component
 The Interval-5 Cycle
 collapse section7—  Part II: Pitch Structure
 "Sacrificial Dance"
 The Pitch-Class Set

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