The Japanese Conspiracy


 expand sectionPrologue—  A Dynamite Bomb Explodes:  Olaa Plantation, Hawaii: June 3, 1920
 expand sectionOne—  The Japanese Village in the Pacific
 expand sectionTwo—  A Person to Be Watched:  Honolulu: 1918–1919
 collapse sectionThree—  The Oahu Strike Begins:  Honolulu: 1919–1920
 The Rice Riots of 1918
 Formation of the Hawaii Federation of Japanese Labor
 "Give Us $1.25 a Day"
 The Palmer Raids
 "We're Not Working":  The Strike Begins
 expand sectionFour—  The Japanese Conspiracy:  Honolulu: 1920
 expand sectionFive—  The Conspiracy Trial:  Honolulu: August 1921
 expand sectionSix—  Reopening Chinese Immigration:  Washington, D.C.: June 1922
 expand sectionSeven—  The Japanese Exclusion Act:  Washington, D.C.: Spring 1924

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