Peasants and Protest


 expand section1  Peasants, Workers, and the Agricultural Revolution in the Aude
 expand section2  Protourbanization of the Countryside, Culture, and Politics in the Golden Age of the Vine
 expand section3  Economic Crisis and Class Formation
 expand section4  Gender, Work, and the Household Economy of Vineyard Workers
 expand section5  Radicals and Socialists in the Vineyards
 expand section6  Revolutionary Syndicalism and Direct Action
 collapse section7  Workers, Socialists, and the Winegrowers' Revolt of 1907
 1907 in the Aude
 Socialists, Syndicalists, and the CGV
 Attempting to Rebuild the Labor Movement
 Strike Activity and the Standard of Living
 Women, Unions, and Strikes
 Socialists, Workers, and Elections in the Wake of the Winegrowers' Revolt
  8  Conclusion: Capitalism, Socialism, and Syndicalism in the French Countryside

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