Tribes of India


 expand sectionIntroduction: The Ethnographic Scene
  1—  Relations between Tribes and Sovernment
 collapse section2—  The Fate of Tribal Land
 The History of the Land Problem in Adilabad
 Recent Developments in Adilabad
 Warangal District
 The Land Problem in Khammam District
 The Problem of Shifting Cultivation
 expand section3—  Tribes and Forest Policy
 expand section4—  Economic Development
  5—  The Problem of Tribal Education
 expand section6—  Processes of Social Change
 expand section7—  Changes in Beliefs and Rituals
 expand section8—  Relations with Non-Tribal Populations
 expand section9—  The Situation of the Gonds of Asifabad and Lakshetipet Taluks, Adilabad District
 expand section10—  Konda Reddis in Transition: Three Case Studies
  11—  Change and Development among Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh
  12—  The Tribal Problem in All-India Perspective
  Postscript, May 1981

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