Mass Mediations

  Note on Transliteration

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 collapse section2. Public Culture in Arab Detroit
 A Map of Sorts: A Quick Introduction to Arab Detroit
 Before We Go Transnational: (Un)packing Our Theoretical Baggage
 Popular Culture in Arabic-Speaking Detroit: Reflected Images from Elsewhere
 Arabic TV in Dearborn: How It Started and the Shape It’s In
 A Special Relationship: The Impresarios Win a Transnational TV Turf War
 The Impresarios Talk Back: Ahmad Berry and Nabeel Hamoud Explain What They Do
 Public Culture in Arab Detroit’s English-Speaking Mainstream: Playing to a New Audience
 A Brief History of Access: How a Little Bureaucracy Can Be a Good Thing
 Access Cultural Arts: How To Succeed in the Representation Business
 How Access Spends the Money: Programming Patterns and What They Mean
 Are We Transnational Yet? (Un)packing Our Theoretical Baggage, Again
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 expand section4. Sa‘ida Sultan/Danna International
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 expand section7. Nasser 56/Cairo 96
 expand section8. Consuming Damascus
 expand section9. The Hairbrush and the Dagger
 expand section10. “Beloved Istanbul”
 expand section11. Badi‘a Masabni, Artiste and Modernist
 expand section12. American Ambassador in Technicolor and Cinemascope
 expand section13. The Golden Age bxefore the Golden Age

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