Preferred Citation: Hedeman, Anne D. The Royal Image: Illustrations of the Grandes Chroniques de France, 1274-1422. Berkeley:  University of California Press,  c1991 1991.



Notations within the following lists specify provenance based on the examination of inscriptions, colophons, or heraldry in the manuscripts and the comparison of the incipits and explicits of manuscripts with those listed in published inventories. For further information on these attributions, see the Catalogue of Manuscripts.

Manuscripts Consulted for This Study

Illustrated Copies

Dates are provided when textual or artistic information permits. These manuscripts are arranged chronologically.

Before 1350

Ste.-Gen. 782 (c. 1274) Philip III, Charles V, Charles VI

B.N. fr. 2615 (after 1314 and probably 1320s)

Cambrai, B.M., Ms. 682 (1320s) "Raoul le Prêtre" (died 1443)

B.N. fr. 10132 (1318) Pierre of Neufchâtel in Normandy

B.R. 14561–64 (c. 1320) Charles V, Charles VI

Switzerland, Private Collection (1320s–30s) John the Fearless, duke of Burgundy

B.R. 5 (1330s)

Castres, B.M. (1330s) Jeanne d'Amboise

B.L. Royal 16 G VI (1335–40) John the Good; John Chandos, lord of Fownhope; Humphrey, duke of Gloucester


Grenoble, 407 Rés. (1350s)

B.N. fr. 2813 (c. 1360–80) Charles V; John of Berry

Ex-Bute (1360s–70s) plus excised pages in B.L. Cotton Vitellius E II John of Berry


B.N. fr. 10135 (1370s) Charles VI; John the Fearless, duke of Burgundy; Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy

B.N. fr. 17270 (1370s) Tanguy de Chastel, governor of Cerdagne and Rouissilon in 1468, chamberlain of Louis XI


Paris, Bibl. de l'Institut, Ms. 324 (late fourteenth century?)

B.N. fr. 2608 (c. 1390s) Charles VI

Lyon, B.M. 880 (c. 1390s?)

Vienna, ÖNB Hs. 2564 (c. 1390–1410) John of Montaigu (died 1409)

Guildhall Ms. 244 (c. 1390s)

B.N. fr. 2613–14 (last quarter of century) Frederic Linange, married in 1337 to member of Châtillon family

B.N. n.a. fr. 3372 (c. 1390s?)

Oxford, Douce 217 (c. 1390s)

W. 138 (1400)

B.N. fr. 2814 (c. 1400)

Valenciennes, B.M. 637 (c. 1400) Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy

B.N. fr. 2604 (c. 1400)

B.L. Sloane 2433 (c. 1400)

B.R. 2 (c. 1400–1410) Governor of Lille; Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy

B.N. fr. 23140 (c. 1400–1410)

Munich, Cod. Gall. 4 (c. 1400–1410)

Belgium, Private Collection (c. 1400–1410)

B.L. Add. 15269 (c. 1400–1410)

B.N. fr. 2606 (c. 1400–1410)

B.N. fr. 2616–20 (c. 1400–1410)

Ste.-Gen. 783 (c. 1400–1410) Regnault d'Angennes, chamberlain of Louis, duke of Guyenne

Turin, B.N. L. II. 8 (c. 1400–1410)

B.L. Add. 21143 (c. 1390–1410)

Arsenal 5223 (c. 1390–1410) John the Fearless, duke of Burgundy; Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy

Vienna, ÖNB 2547 (c. 1390–1410)


Reims, B.M. 1469 (c. 1390–1410)

Lyon, P.A. 30 (c. 1400–1410)

B.N. fr. 2597 (c. 1400–1410)

B.R. 1 (c. 1400–1410)

B.L. Cotton Nero E II (c. 1415) Charles VI?

Mazarine 2028 (c. 1405–08)

Phillipps 1917 (c. 1408–10/15) Member of Rolin family

M. 536 (c. 1410–12)

B.R. 3 (c. 1410–15) Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy

B.N. fr. 6466–67 (c. 1400–1415) John of Berry

B.N. fr. 20352–53 (c. 1400–1415?)

Besançon, B.M. 863 (c. 1407–15)

Prague, Ms. 23 A 12 (c. 1407–15)

W. 139 (c. 1400–1405?)

B.L. Royal 20 C VII (c. 1400–1405?) Richard Gloucester (King Richard III)

Musée Condé 867 (c. 1400–1405)

Geneva, B.M., Comités Latentes, 182 . . . (c. 1410–12)

B.N. fr. 73 (c. 1400–1405?) Robert Joliver, abbot of Mont-Saint-Michel (purchased 1438)

B.N. fr. 20350 (c. 1400–1405?) Charles VI?

Toulouse, B.M. Ms. 512 (c. 1400–1410)


B.N. fr. 6465 (begun c. 1420–30, completed c. 1450–60)

B.N. fr. 2605 (c. 1425) Charles VII?

Châteauroux, B.M. 5 (c. 1460) plus excised miniatures in B.N. Estampes Add. 133 rés.

Ex-duke of Hamilton (mid-fifteenth century) No. 13 in the Hamilton Palace sale (23 May 1889)

B.N. fr. 2610 (late fifteenth century)

B.N. fr. 6468–69 (mid-to-late fifteenth century)

B.N. fr. 2609 (1471)

Grenoble, 408 rés. (1477)

B.L. Royal 20 E I–20 E VI (1487)


B.N. fr. 5729, excerpt (late fifteenth century)

Arsenal 5128, excerpt (late fifteenth century)

Unillustrated Copies

Dates are provided when possible. This section is subdivided by centuries, because there is less information on which to base a date.

Thirteenth Century

B.L. Add. 38128 (after 1285 and probably before 1314)

B.R. 4 (after 1285 and probably before 1314) John the Fearless, duke of Burgundy; Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy

Fourteenth Century

Musée Condé, Ms. 868

B.N. fr. 10136

B.N. fr. 24433 (flyleaves are fragments of the chronicle)

B.N. fr. 2600 (second quarter of the fourteenth century)

Fifteenth Century

B.L. Add. 15303 (early fifteenth century)

B.N. fr. n.a. 6225 (early fifteenth century)

B.N. fr. n.a. 6776 (extract)

B.N. fr. n.a. 10043

B.N. fr. n.a. 21876

B.N. fr. 1986 (extract)

B.N. fr. 2601–2602

B.N. fr. 2611–12

B.N. fr. 4933–35

B.N. fr. 4936

B.N. fr. 4937–38

B.N. fr. 4955 (1460)

B.N. fr. 4984 (1469)

B.N. fr. 4956 (extract)

B.N. fr. 4957 (extracts)

B.N. fr. 4979–83 (second half of fifteenth century)

B.N. fr. 15484


B.N. fr. 17271

B.N. fr. 23141

B.N. fr. 23142

B.N. fr. 23143

Turin, B.N. L.V. 12

Vienna, ÖNB 3431

Vienna, ÖNB 3300

Sixteenth Century

B.N. fr. 2846 (extract)

Manuscripts not Consulted

Since catalogues do not always note whether manuscripts are illustrated, those manuscripts that I know to be decorated are marked by an asterisk. It should be kept in mind that others may be illustrated as well.

Fourteenth Century

Chartres, B.M. 271 (312)

*Genoa, Palazzo Durazzo Pallavicini, Ms. 168 (before 1350)

*Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson B 170 (fragment)

B.N. fr. 15486–87

Vat. Reg. 744St.-Omer, B.M. 707

Fifteenth Century

Aix-en-Provence, Bibl. Méjanes, 426 (1460)

Angers, B.M. 903

Cambridge, Mass., Harvard College Library, Ms. fr. 27

Dijon, B.M. 228 (after 1461)

Geneva, B.M., fr. 82

*Glasgow, Hunternian Museum, Ms. Hunter 203 (U.1.7)

Glasgow, Hunternian Museum 235–236 (U.3.8–U.3.9)

*Leningrad, Bibl. pub. Saltykov-Schedrin, fr. F.v.iv.1

*Leningrad, Bibl. pub. Saltykov-Schedrin Erm fr. 88 (c. 1450–60)

Madrid, Bibl. nat. vitr. 24–12 (second half of the fifteenth century)


*Manchester, John Rylands Library, fr. 62 (R. 18106)

*Marburg, Westdeutsche Bibliothek (formerly East Berlin, Staatsbibliothek, Hamilton 150)

Orléans, B.M. 513–14

Oxford, laud. misc. 745 (extract)

Vat. Reg. 689

Vat. Reg. 721

*Vat. Reg. 725 (extract)

Vat. Otto 2635

Rouen, B.M. Ms. 1145

Valenciennes, B.M. 636

Seventeenth Century

B.N. fr. 3952 (extract)

B.N. fr. 4310 (extract)

B.N. fr. 18542 (extract)

B.N. fr. 20351 (extract)

B.N. fr. 23153 (extract)



Preferred Citation: Hedeman, Anne D. The Royal Image: Illustrations of the Grandes Chroniques de France, 1274-1422. Berkeley:  University of California Press,  c1991 1991.