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Manuscripts not Consulted

Since catalogues do not always note whether manuscripts are illustrated, those manuscripts that I know to be decorated are marked by an asterisk. It should be kept in mind that others may be illustrated as well.

Fourteenth Century

Chartres, B.M. 271 (312)

*Genoa, Palazzo Durazzo Pallavicini, Ms. 168 (before 1350)

*Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson B 170 (fragment)

B.N. fr. 15486–87

Vat. Reg. 744St.-Omer, B.M. 707

Fifteenth Century

Aix-en-Provence, Bibl. Méjanes, 426 (1460)

Angers, B.M. 903

Cambridge, Mass., Harvard College Library, Ms. fr. 27

Dijon, B.M. 228 (after 1461)

Geneva, B.M., fr. 82

*Glasgow, Hunternian Museum, Ms. Hunter 203 (U.1.7)

Glasgow, Hunternian Museum 235–236 (U.3.8–U.3.9)

*Leningrad, Bibl. pub. Saltykov-Schedrin, fr. F.v.iv.1

*Leningrad, Bibl. pub. Saltykov-Schedrin Erm fr. 88 (c. 1450–60)

Madrid, Bibl. nat. vitr. 24–12 (second half of the fifteenth century)


*Manchester, John Rylands Library, fr. 62 (R. 18106)

*Marburg, Westdeutsche Bibliothek (formerly East Berlin, Staatsbibliothek, Hamilton 150)

Orléans, B.M. 513–14

Oxford, laud. misc. 745 (extract)

Vat. Reg. 689

Vat. Reg. 721

*Vat. Reg. 725 (extract)

Vat. Otto 2635

Rouen, B.M. Ms. 1145

Valenciennes, B.M. 636

Seventeenth Century

B.N. fr. 3952 (extract)

B.N. fr. 4310 (extract)

B.N. fr. 18542 (extract)

B.N. fr. 20351 (extract)

B.N. fr. 23153 (extract)


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