Rural China Takes Off

  Note on Measures and Transliteration

 expand sectionChapter 1—  Institutional Foundations of Chinese Economic Growth: An Introduction
 expand sectionChapter 2—  Reassigning Property Rights over Revenue Incentives for Rural Industrialization
 expand sectionChapter 3—  Strategies of Development: Variation and Evolution in Rural Industry
 expand sectionChapter 4—  Local State Corporatism: The Organization of Rapid Economic Growth
 expand sectionChapter 5—  Principals and Agents: Central Regulation or Local Control
 expand sectionChapter 6—  From Agents to Principals: Increasing Resource Endowments and Local Control
 expand sectionChapter 7—  The Political Basis for Economic Reform: Concluding Reflections

 expand sectionAppendix A—  Research and Documentation
  Appendix B—  Changes in China's Fiscal System
 expand sectionBibliography
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