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Chapter Six— Roman Jakobson, or How Logology and Mythology Were Exported

1. Roman Jakobson and Yury Tynianov, "Problemy izucenija * literatury i jazyka," Novyi Lef 12 (1928): 36-37. The translation I have used appears in Readings in Russian Poetics, ed. Ladislav Matejka and Krystyna Pomorska (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1971), pp. 79-81. [BACK]

2. Jakobson's account may be found in the "Retrospect" to volume 1 of his Selected Writings (henceforth SW ), p. 633. [BACK]

3. Roman Jakobson and Claude Lévi-Strauss, "«Les chats» de Charles Baudelaire," L'Homme 2 (1962): 5-21; reprinted in Questions de poétique, ed. Tzvetan Todorov (Paris: Seuil, 1973), pp. 401-19, at p. 414. break [BACK]

4. Roman Jakobson, "Two Aspects of Language and Two Types of Aphasic Disturbances" (1954), SW, 2:239-59. [BACK]

5. Roman Jakobson, "Novejsaja[Novej&scaronaja] russkaja poèzija," SW, 5:299-354. There is a French translation of selected parts of this essay, "La nouvelle poésie russe," in Questions de poétique, pp. 11-24. [BACK]

6. Gustav Shpet, Vnutrennjaja forma slova (The inner form of the word) (Moscow: GAXN, 1927). [BACK]

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8. Elmar Holenstein, "Jakobson and Husserl: A Contribution to the Genealogy of Structuralism," Human Context 7 (1975): 61-83, at p. 75. [BACK]

9. See above, p. 43. Potebnia uses the term in Mysl' i jazyk, p. 134. [BACK]

10. Holenstein, "Jakobson and Husserl," p. 75. [BACK]

11. Jonathan Culler, author of one of the principal English-language accounts of structuralism, wrote an essay in which he argued that structuralism has a logical point of departure in phenomenology because it always needs to take the human subject into account, even though its practitioners don't always seem to realize that. See Jonathan Culler, "Phenomenology and Structuralism," Human Context 5 (1973): 35-42. [BACK]

12. Roman Jakobson, "Co je poésie," Volné smery 30 (1933-34): 229-39; reprinted in Striedter, Texte der russischen Formalisten, 2:392-417; English translation in SW, 3:740-50. [BACK]

13. Roman Jakobson, "Vers une science de l'art poétique," written as a preface to Théorie de la littérature: Textes des formalistes russes, ed. Tzvetan Todorov (Paris: Seuil, 1966), pp. 9-13; reprinted in SW, 5:541-44, at p. 542. [BACK]

14. See, for example, a short piece by Jakobson called "One of the Speculative Anticipations: An Old Russian Treatise on the Divine and Human Word" (1955), SW, 2:369-74. [BACK]

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