The Revolutions of Wisdom

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 expand sectionChapter One—  The Displacements of Mythology
 expand sectionChapter Two—  Tradition and Innovation, Text and Context
 expand sectionChapter Three—  Dogmatism and Uncertainty
 expand sectionChapter Four—  Metaphor and the Language of Science
 expand sectionChapter Five—  Measurement and Mystification
 collapse sectionChapter Six—  Idealisations and Elisions
 The Development of the Notion of Explanation
 Mathematics and Physics in Plato and Aristotle
 collapse section"Saving the Phenomena"
 Statics and Hydrostatics
 Parallax Cases
 The Aims and Assumptions of Greek Astronomers
 Conclusions for the Exact Sciences
 The Life Sciences:  Teleology
 The Value and Effect of Science in the Ancient World

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  Index Locorum

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