The Dissonant Legacy of Modernismo


 expand section1—  The Tradition of Modernismo
 expand section2—  Lugones:  Poetry, Ideology, History
 expand section3—  Lugones as Modernista Poet
 expand section4— Los Crepúsculos Del Jardín:  Subversion, Irony, Parody
 expand section5— Lunario Sentimental and the Destruction of modernismo
 collapse section6—  The Frenzy of Modernismo:  Herrera Y Reissig
 Herrera Y Reissig's Literary Heritage
 Herrera Y Reissig and the Disorganization of the Canon
 Dematerialization and the Fixed Scene
 Eroticism and the Dissolution of Boundaries
 Traits of Herrera Y Reissig's Work
 Individual Poems as Resistance and Transgression
 Los Éxtasis De La Montaña:  The "Prosaic" Setting
 expand section7— Modernismo' s Legacy in Three Poets:  Vallejo, López Velarde, and Storni

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