Oedipus Lex


  One  Introduction: Melancholia Juridica
 expand sectionTwo  History Becomes the Law:  Mourning, Genealogy, and Legal Historiography
 expand sectionThree  Apology and Antirrhetic:  Icon, Idol, Image, and the Forms of Law
 expand sectionFour  Law Against Images:  Antirrhetic and Polemic in Common Law
 expand sectionFive  Haec Imago:  This Mask, This Man, This Law
 expand sectionSix  Gynaetopia:  Feminine Genealogies of Common Law
 expand sectionSeven  Oedipus Lex:  Interpretation and the Unconscious of Law
 expand sectionEight  Conclusion:  A Legality of the Contingent

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