Setting Safety Standards


 collapse sectionPART ONE  INTRODUCTION
 expand sectionOne  Protective Regulation and the Impasse Between the Public and Private Sectors
 expand sectionTwo  Background and Research Design

 collapse sectionPART TWO  CASE STUDIES
 expand sectionThree  Safety Standards for Grain Elevators
 expand sectionFour  Standards for Aviation Fire Safety
 collapse sectionFive  Safety Standards and Labeling Requirements for Woodstoves
 expand sectionAn Overview of Woodstove Safety
 Underwriters Laboratories
 collapse sectionUL 1482: Room Heaters, Solid-Fuel Type
 From Proposal to Publication
 Canvassing for Consensus
 The Unofficial Story and UL's Unpublished Standards
 The Importance of Precedents
 Design Standards and Delegation
 Performance Requirements and Educated Guesses
 Product Certification and the Real World
 Evaluating UL 1482
 The Nagging Creosote Problem
 expand sectionThe CPSC Labeling Rule
 Summary Evaluation
 expand sectionSix  Safety Standards for Unvented Gas-Fired Space Heaters

 collapse sectionPART THREE  ANALYSIS
 expand sectionSeven  Public and Private Conceptions of Safety
 expand sectionEight  Regulatory Decisionmaking:  Public and Private Standards in Action
 expand sectionNine  Explaining Regulatory Behavior
 expand sectionTen  Comparative Institutional Advantages

 expand sectionEleven  Reforming Standards-Setting: The Procedural Perspective
 expand sectionTwelve  Interactive Strategies and Alternative Policy Instruments

 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionBIBLIOGRAPHIES
 expand sectionINDEX

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