The Philosopher's Gaze


 collapse sectionI—  FORESHADOWINGS
 Outside the Text:  Thoughts on a Painting by Chardin
 Blindness, Violence, Compassion?
 Minima Moralia

 collapse sectionII—  INTRODUCTION
 The Discursive Construction of the Philosophical Gaze
 expand sectionThe Importance of Phenomenology

 collapse sectionIII—  THE PHILOSOPHERS
 expand section1—  Descartes's Window
 expand section2—  Husserl's Transcendental Gaze:  Controlling Unruly Metaphors
 expand section3—  The Glasses on Our Nose:  Wittgenstein's Optics and the Illusions of Philosophy
 expand section4—  Gestalt Gestell Geviert:  The Way of the Lighting
 expand section5—  The Field of Vision:  Intersections of the Visible and the Invisible in Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty
 expand section6—  Outside the Subject:  Merleau-Ponty's Chiasmic Vision
 expand section7—  The Invisible Face of Humanity:  Levinas on the Justice of the Gaze
 expand section8—  Justice in the Seer's Eyes:  Benjamin and Heidegger on a Vision Out of Time and Memory
 expand section9—  Shadows:  Reflections on the Enlightenment and Modernity
 expand section10—  Where the Beauty of Truth Lies

 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionINDEX OF NAMES

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