Rediscovering Palestine

  Note on Translation and Transliteration

 collapse sectionIntroduction
 Toward a History of Provincial Life in the Ottoman Interior
 Rethinking Ottoman Palestine
 Approach and Methodology
 collapse section1. The Meanings of Autonomy
 collapse sectionJabal Nablus as a Social Space
 The City of Nablus
 The Hinterland of Nablus
 collapse sectionBoundaries in Time and Space
 The 1657 Campaign
 The Rise of Acre
 Egyptian Rule, 1831–1840
 Ottoman Centralization and the Fall of Arraba
 collapse section2. Family, Culture, and Trade
 Textile Merchants
 collapse sectionThe Arafat Family
 The Making of a Family Name
 Social Status and Marriage Patterns
 collapse sectionRegional Trade Networks
 Beirut and Damascus
 collapse sectionLocal Trade Networks
 Keys to the City
 collapse section3. Cotton, Textiles, and the Politics of Trade
 collapse sectionCotton and the Politics of Monopoly
 Cotton and the Rulers of Acre
 Cotton Production in Jabal Nablus
 Decline of the Cotton Connection
 collapse sectionThe Politics of Free Trade
 Merchants, the State, and the Movement of Commodities
 Competition and Sabotage
 collapse sectionTextiles: Resilience and Restructuring
 The Textile Industry in Nablus
 Invasion and Resistance
 collapse section4. The Political Economy of Olive Oil
 collapse sectionFrom the Hands of the Peasants
 Salam Moneylending Contracts
 Moneylending and Production for Overseas Markets
 Moneylending, Taxation, and Olive-Based Villages
 collapse sectionA Forced Marriage?
 Commoditization of Land
 collapse sectionRedefining Identity and Political Authority
 Islam, the Rural Middle Class, and the Subdistrict Chiefs
 Resistance and Notions of Justice
 collapse section5. Soap, Class, and State
 collapse sectionSoap and the Economy
 Organization and Profits
 Concentration and Integration
 collapse sectionSoap and Society
 Soap-Factory Workers
 Factory Owners
 collapse sectionSoap and the State
 The Bidding Battle
 The Tax Strike
 collapse section6. Conclusion
 The Labyrinthine Journey
 The Discourses of Modernity

 collapse sectionAppendices
 collapse section1. Weights and Measures
 Measures of weight
 Measures of Capacity
 Units of Length
 collapse section2. Court Records, Judges, and Private Family Papers
 Records of the Nablus Islamic Court
 Judges of the Nablus Islamic Court
 Private Family Papers
 collapse section3. Soap Factories and the Process of Production
 Physical Layout and the Process of Production
 Numbers and Prices of Soap Factories
 Volume of Production
 collapse sectionSelect Bibliography
 Archival Sources
 Family Papers
 Unpublished Manuscripts
 Published Works

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