Cultivating Music in America


 expand sectionIntroduction:  Music Patronage As a "Female-Centered Cultural Process"
 expand sectionOne—  Patronage—and Women—in America's Musical Life:  An Overview of a Changing Scene
 expand sectionTwo—  Women As "Keepers of Culture":  Music Clubs, Community Concert Series, and Symphony Orchestras
 expand sectionThree—  Living with Music:  Isabella Stewart Gardner
 expand sectionFour—  Jeannette Meyer Thurber (1850–1946):  Music for a Democracy
  Five—  Laura Langford and the Seidl Society:  Wagner Comes to Brooklyn
 expand sectionSix—  A Style of Her Own:  The Patronage of Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge
 collapse sectionSeven—  "As Large As She Can Make It":  The Role of Black Women Activists in Music, 1880–1945
 Formative Conditions
 collapse sectionThe Community Leader
 The Church Setting
 Community Organizations
 Ensembles and Clubs
 expand sectionThe Educator
 expand sectionWriters
 Preservers of the Heritage
 expand sectionEight—  Women Patrons and Crusaders for Modernist Music:  New York in the 1920s
 expand sectionNine—  Culture, Feminism, and the Sacred:  Sophie Drinker's Musical Activism
 expand sectionTen—  Reflections on Art Music in America, on Stereotypes of the Woman Patron, and on Cha(lle)nges in the Present and Future

 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionIndex

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