When We Began There Were Witchmen


 expand sectionIntroduction: The Oral Traditions
 expand sectionChapter I  Traditions of Origin: Mysterious Mbwaa
 expand sectionChapter II  Enslavement Traditions: Persecution and Flight
 collapse sectionChapter III  Mount Kenya Traditions: Fragmentation and War
 Ax, Red Clay, And Firestick: Forming "Ridgetop" Communities
 Men Of The Mainstream: Continued Fragmentation
 "Fringemen": The Evolution Of A-Athi
 collapse sectionMount Kenya: Expulsion Of Earlier Occupants
 Cushitic Speakers: Mukuguru, Ukara, Muoko
 Kalenjin Speakers: Umpua, Agumba
 Maa Speakers: Il Tikirri, Il Maasai
 expand sectionChapter IV  Traditions of Deviance: Evolution on the Fringes
 expand sectionChapter V  Capitulation Traditions: The Coming of England
 expand sectionChapter VI  The Extortion Traditions: Dancing Deviants
 expand sectionChapter VII  The Colonial Traditions: Dismantling Elderhood
 expand sectionChapter VIII  Missionary Traditions: Spreading God
 expand sectionChapter IX  Anti-Christian Traditions: The War Against Converts
 expand sectionChapter X  Disaster Traditions: There Were Years When Men Ate Thorns
 expand sectionChapter XI  Resistance Traditions: Kiamas Underground
 expand sectionChapter Xll  Persecution Traditions: The Wars to End Witchcraft
 expand sectionChapter XIII  Reconciliation Traditions: Meru's Golden Age

 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionBibliography
 expand sectionGlossary-Index

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