A Radical Jew

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 expand sectionIntroduction
 expand section1. Circumcision, Allegory, and Universal “Man”
 expand section2. What Was Wrong with Judaism?
 expand section3. The Spirit and the Flesh
 expand section4. Moses' Veil; or, The Jewish Letter, the Christian Spirit
 expand section5. Circumcision and Revelation; or, The Politics of the Spirit
 expand section6. Was Paul an “Anti-Semite”?
 expand section7. Brides of Christ
 expand section8. “There Is No Male and Female”
 expand section9. Paul, the “jewish Problem,” and the “Woman Question”
 collapse section10. Answering the Mail
 Carnality and Difference
 Power, Identity, Violence
 Jews and Other Differences; or, Essentialism as Resistance
 Diasporizing Identity
 Racism and the Bible
 Deterritorializing Jewishness
 Toward a Diasporized (Multicultural) Israel


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