A Medieval Mirror


  I—  Medieval Book Production in the Low Countries
 expand sectionII—  Latin Manuscripts of the Speculum
 expand sectionIII—  Speculum Manuscripts in Translation
 expand sectionIV—  Blockbooks of the Low Countries
 expand sectionV—  Blockbook Editions of the Speculum
 collapse sectionVI—  Speculum Woodcuts and Miniatures
 Chapter I
 Chapter II
 Chapter III
 Chapter IV
 Chapter V
 Chapter VI
 Chapter VII
 Chapter VIII
 Chapter IX
 Chapter X
 Chapter XI
 Chapter XII
 Chapter XIII
 Chapter XIV
 Chapter XV
 Chapter XVI
 Chapter XVII
 Chapter XVIII
 Chapter XIX
 Chapter XX
 Chapter XXI
 Chapter XXII
 Chapter XXIII
 Chapter XXIV
 Chapter XXV
 Chapter XXVI
 Chapter XXVII
 Chapter XXVIII
 Chapter XXIX
 Chapter XXV
 Chapter XXVIII
 Chapter XXIX
 Chapter XXX
 Chapter XXXIII
 Chapter XXXIV
 Chapter XXXV
 Chapter XXXVI
 Chapter XXXVII
 Chapter XXXVIII
 Chapter XXXIX
 Chapter XLI
 Chapter XLII
 Chapter XLIII
 Chapter XLIV
 Chapter XLV
 expand sectionVII—  Later Speculum Editions

  Selected Bibliography
  Photo Section
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  Acknowledgments for Illustrations

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