From the Royal to the Republican Body

 expand section1  The Body Politics of French Absolutism
 expand section2  Lim(b)inal Images  "Betwixt and Between" Louis XIV's Martial and Marital Bodies
 expand section3  The King Cross-Dressed  Power and Force in Royal Ballets
  4  Unruly Passions and Courtly Dances  Technologies of the Body in Baroque Music
  5  Body of Law  The Sun King and the Code Noir
  6  Louis le Bien-Aimé and the Rhetoric of the Royal Body
  7  Dancing the Body Politic  Manner and Mimesis in Eighteenth-Century Ballet
  8  The Theater of Punishment  Melodrama and Judicial Reform in Prerevolutionary France
  9  Sex, Savagery, and Slavery in the Shaping of the French Body Politic
  10  Freedom of Dress in Revolutionary France

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