Into One's Own


 expand section1—  Defining One's Own
 expand section2—  The Changing Life Course of America's Youth
 expand section3—  Modern Youth: The 1920s
 expand section4—  In the Great Depression
 collapse section5—  War and Its Aftermath
 Prosperity and Optimism
 Mobilizing Adolescents
 Accommodating War
 War and Marriage
 Military Service and Marriage
 Wartime Parenthood
 Veterans Resume a Civilian Life Course
 expand section6—  The Baby Boom
 expand section7—  Modern in a New Way
  8—  Coming into Their Own

  Appendix 1—  Data Underlying Figures
 expand sectionAppendix 2—  Short-Form References to Publications of the United States, Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
  Appendix 3—  Short-Form References to Federal Vital Statistics Publications
 expand sectionAppendix 4—  Citations to Machine-Readable Data Sets
 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionIndex

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