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Eleven— Toward a History of Women's Periodicals in Latin America: A Working Bibliography
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Bibliographic Sources for Entries

Following is a list of library catalogs, data bases, and bibliographic essays that provided names of magazines and information on their publication.

In some cases, information on entries was gleaned from contemporary periodicals that have variously advertised, corresponded with, or criticized sister publications from the earliest records here. When a periodical listed as a primary source is also a source for information on another entry, it is noted as a reference for that entry; more complete information can be found under its primary entry in the list.

Anderson = Anderson, Lola. "Mexican Women Journalists." Pan American Bulletin 68 (May 1934): 315–20.

Arrom = Arrom, Silvia Marina. The Women of Mexico City: 1790–1857 . Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 1985. (Bibliography.)

Connexions = magazine resource library list of holdings, 4228 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA 94609. [A version of this list is also published as "Resources" in Connexions: An International Women's Quarterly 16 (Spring 1985.)]

Dicc . . . Boliviana = Paredes de Salazar, Elsa. Diccionario biográfico de la mujer boliviana . La Paz: Ediciones Isla, 1965.

Feijóo = Feijóo, María del Carmen. Las feministas . Buenos Aires: Centro Editor de América Latina, 1975.

Hahner = Hahner, June E. "The Nineteenth Century Feminist Press and Women's Rights in Brazil," in Latin American Women: Historical Perspectives . Edited by Asunción Lavrin. Greenwood, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1978.

Henault = Henault, Mirta. Alicia Moreau de Justo . Buenos Aires: Centro Editor de América Latina, 1983.

Herrick = Herrick, Jane. "Periodicals for Women in Mexico City during the Nineteenth Century." The Americas 14, 2 (October 1957): 18–19. (Published by Academy of American Franciscan History.)

Index = Allen. Martha Leslie, ed. Index/Directory of Women's Media 1986 . Washington, D.C.: Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press, 1986.

ILET = Colección Comunicación Alternativa de la Mujer (various issues, 1982–present.)

ISIS 5 (1986) = ISIS International Women's Journal 5 (1986). List of "Women's Centers, Groups and Services" in Central and South America.

Knaster = Knaster, Meri. Women in Spanish America: An Annotated Bibliography from Pre-Conquest to Contemporary Times . Boston: G. K. Hall, 1977.


Knaster LARR = Knaster, Meri. "Women in Latin America: The State of Research 1975." LARR 11, 1 (1976): 3–74.

Lavrin = Lavrin, Asunción. "Sources for the Study of Women in Latin America." In Latin American Masses and Minorities: Their Images and Realities , ed. Dan C. Hazen. Madison, Wis.: SALALM, 1987.

Lavrin #2 = Lavrin, Asunción. The Ideology of Feminism in the Southern Cone, 1900–1940 . Latin American Program Working Papers 169. Washington, D.C.: Wilson Center, Smithsonian Institution, 1986.

Madison = Danky, James P., et al., eds. Women's Periodicals and Newspapers: Holdings of the University of Wisconsin, Madison Libraries . Boston: G. K. Hall, 1982.

Melvyl = University of California systemwide computerized library catalog.

Manzana 1987 = La Manzana de la Discordia 8 (1987). A list of magazines received by this Colombian feminist magazine.

Mujeres en Acción = Mujeres en Acción , ISIS supplement 7 (1987). (Also used: Women in Action , the slightly different English version of same.)

National Union List of Serials = Bound catalogs, beginning around 1910, which list periodicals collected in U.S. libraries (listed under the year they were collected). In some cases, a useful source for verifying publication period of magazines.

O'Doyley = O'Doyley, Enid F. "A Survey of the Critical Literature on Female Feminist Writers of Hispanic America." In Latin American Masses and Minorities: Their Images and Realities , edited by Dan C. Hazen. Madison, Wis.: SALALM, 1987.

Ramírez Bautista 1978 = Ramírez Bautista, Elia. Femmes latino-americaines: bibliographie . Paris: Université de Paris VIII, Centre de Recherche, 1978. Photocopied manuscript dated 1978; book not updated, 1985.)

RLIN = Research Library Information Network subject search of Spanish-language periodicals with key words like "feminista," "feminina," "femenina," and "mujer" (and plurals).

Schlesinger Library = Catalog of Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the the History of Women in America . Boston: G. K. Hall, 1984.

Sosa de Newton = Sosa de Newton, Lily. Diccionario biográfico de mujeres arguentinas . Buenos Aires: Editorial Plus Ultra, 1980.

Sosa de Newton, Las args. = Sosa de Newton, Lily. Las argentinas de ayer a hoy . Buenos Aires: Ediciones Zanetti, 1967.

Sosa de Newton, unpub. = Sosa de Newton, Lily. "Incorporación de la mujet al periodismo en la Argentina." Paper presented at the International Symposium on Women in Literature, Nicaragua, 1984.

UC = University of California, Berkeley on-line catalogs of holdings; subject searches under Spanish language periodicals with key works like "mujer," "feminista," "femenina," "ella."

Ulrich = Ulrich's Guide to International Periodicals 1986–87 . (A current list of


periodicals in print with several pages on "Women's Interest Periodicals," giving circulation statistics and other useful data.)

Valdés = Valdés, Nelson P. "A Bibliography on Cuban Women in the Twentieth Century." Cuban Studies Newsletter 4 (June 1974): 1–31.

Women's period 81–82 = "International Guide to Women's Periodicals and Resources, 1981/82." Resources for Feminist Research 10, 4 (December 1981/January 1982). Section on Latin America and Caribbean.

Women's Records = Women's Book of World Records and Achievements . Ed. Lois Decker O'Neill. New York: Da Capo Press, [1983?], c. 1979.


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Eleven— Toward a History of Women's Periodicals in Latin America: A Working Bibliography
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