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 collapse section1. A Client Government in Afghanistan
 expand section1. The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
 expand section2. Why Did the Soviet Union Invade?
 expand section3. Under the Soviet Shadow

 collapse section2. The Afghans Against the Invaders and the Client Government
 expand section4. Islamic Resistance Organizations
 expand section5. Nationalist Resistance Organizations
 expand section6. Urban Uprisings and Their Suppression
 expand section7. Beginning of the Countrywide Armed Clashes
 expand section8. A New Type of War Leader

 collapse section3. The Politics of Confrontation and Suppression
 expand section9. KhAD as an Agency of Suppression
 expand section10. Military and Administrative Measures for Consolidation of the Government
 expand section11. Victory at Any Cost
 expand section12. Elimination of Opponents by Nonmilitary Means

 collapse section4. The Story of Genocide in Afghanistan
 expand section13. Genocide Throughout the Country
 expand section14. Genocide in Districts Around Kabul
 expand sectionConclusion
 collapse sectionEpilogue, 1982-1994

  A. Political Organizations, Factions, and Unions
 expand sectionB. Selected Biographical Sketches
  C. Afghan Refugees in Pakistan
  D. Telephone Conversation Between Kosygin and Taraki
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