The Life of a Text

  A Note on Transliteration

 expand sectionOne  The Text and the Research Context
 expand sectionTwo  The Text in Recitation and Song
 expand sectionThree  The Text Expounded: The Development of Manas-Katha
 expand sectionFour  The Art of Manas-Katha
 expand sectionFive  Words Made Flesh: The Text Enacted
 collapse sectionSix  The Text in a Changing Society
 expand sectionThe Paradoxical Paradigm
 The Rise of the Eternal Religion
 expand sectionThe Politics of Ramraj
 collapse sectionCracks in the Mirror
 Shastri's Sastra
 No Apologies from Kanpur
 Dona Nobis Pacem
 expand sectionPeople of the Book
 The Future of Manas Performance

  Glossary of Names with Transliteration
 expand sectionBibliography
 expand sectionIndex

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