The Life of a Text

  A Note on Transliteration

 expand sectionOne  The Text and the Research Context
 expand sectionTwo  The Text in Recitation and Song
 expand sectionThree  The Text Expounded: The Development of Manas-Katha
 collapse sectionFour  The Art of Manas-Katha
 The Economics of Katha
 expand sectionQualifications of a Performer
 expand sectionPerformance Structure and Techniques
 expand sectionKatha in Context: The Contemporary Performance Milieu
 collapse sectionThe Performer and the Text
 Vyakhya And Vyakaran
 Creative Retelling: Dialogue and "Domestication"
 Esoteric Interpretations
 Numerology and "Structural" Analysis
 Allegorical Interpretation
 The Nature of Katha: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
 The Palace of Mirrors
 expand sectionFive  Words Made Flesh: The Text Enacted
 expand sectionSix  The Text in a Changing Society

  Glossary of Names with Transliteration
 expand sectionBibliography
 expand sectionIndex

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