Thucydides and the Ancient Simplicity


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 expand section1. Sherman at Melos
 expand section2. Truest Causes and Thucydidean Realisms
 expand section3. Representations of Power before and after Thucydides
 expand section4. Power, Prestige, and the Corcyraean Affair
 collapse section5. Archaeology I
 Views on Human Development
 The Original Humanity and the Heroic Past
 The Original Humanity and the Forces of Production
 The Polis as the Basic Social Unit
 The Constituent Ties of Society: Aidôs and Dikê
 expand section6. Archaeology II
 expand section7. The Rule of the Strong and the Limits of Friendship
 expand section8. Archidamos and Sthenelaidas
 expand section9. The Melian Dialogue
 expand section10. Athenian Theses
 expand section11. Conclusion


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