Liberalization in the Process of Economic Development

 expand sectionKim Jae-Ik:  His Life and Contributions

 expand sectionIntroduction
 expand sectionOne—  Industrial Development and Liberalization
 expand sectionTwo—  Toward a Model of Development
 expand sectionThree—  Public Finance for Developing Countries
 expand sectionFour—  The Role of Medium-Term Plans in Development
 expand sectionFive—  Adjustment to External Shocks
 expand sectionSix—  Export Liberalization
 expand sectionSeven—  Import Restriction and Liberalization
 expand sectionEight—  Agriculture in the Liberalization Process
 expand sectionNine—  Financial Repression and Liberalization
 expand sectionTen—  Monetary Stabilization in LDCs

  Notes on Contributors
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