A Golden State


  1—  A Golden State:  An Introduction
 expand section2—  Making Old Tools Work Better:  Pragmatic -Adaptation and Innovation in Gold-Rush Technology
 expand section3—  Capitalism Comes To the Diggings:  From Gold-Rush Adventure To Corporate Enterprise
 expand section4—  "We all live more like brutes than humans":  Labor and Capital in the Gold Rush
 expand section5—  Environmental Changes before and after the Gold Rush
 expand section6—  "I am resolved not to interfere, but permit all to work freely":  The Gold Rush and American Resource Law
  7—  Mother Lode for the West:  California Mining Men and Methods
  8—  Seeing the Elephant
 expand section9—  The Gold Rush and the Beginnings of California Industry
  10—  From Hard Money to Branch Banking:  California Banking in the Gold-Rush Economy
  11—  "Property of Every Kind":  Ranching and Farming During the Gold-Rush Era
 expand section12—  The Golden Skein:  California's Gold-Rush Transportation Network
  13—  A Veritable Revolution:  The Global Economic Significance of the California Gold Rush

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