Peasants and King in Burgundy


 expand sectionIntroduction: The State, the Peasantry, and the Revolution
 expand sectionOne  Louis XIV Builds a Peasant Kingdom
 expand sectionTwo  A Bureaucratic State in the Making
 expand sectionThree  Village Assemblies and the General Will
 expand sectionFour  The Politics of Agriculture
 collapse sectionFive  Challenging the Seigneurie: Community and Contention on the Eve of the Revolution
 Court Cases as Evidence of Changing Relations Between Lords and Peasants
 Resistance Mounts: The Disputes
 A Seigneurial Reaction in Burgundy?
 The Misery Thesis
 Beyond the Misery Thesis: Increasing Communal Revenues
 The Legal Profession and the Development of a Revolutionary Discourse
 A Disruptive Force: The Growth of the Royal Bureaucracy
 expand sectionSix  The Limits of Reform
 expand sectionSeven  Financing the French Revolution

 expand sectionBibliography
 expand sectionIndex

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