Barbarians and Politics at the Court of Arcadius

  Chronological Table

  One—  Introduction
 expand sectionTwo—  Synesius of Cyrene
 expand sectionThree—  Synesius in Constantinople
 expand sectionFour— De Regno
 expand sectionFive— De Providentia and the Ministers of Arcadius
 expand sectionSix— De Providentia and the Barbarians
 expand sectionSeven—  Literary Sources of De Providentia
 expand sectionEight—  Barbarians and Politics
  Nine—  Translation of De Providentia:  Egyptians; or, on Providence

  Appendix I—  Aurelian and Pulcheria
  Appendix II—  Chrysostom's Movements in 400–402
  Appendix III—  Synesius's Visit to Athens
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